The Accounting Study Program has been developed to provide an education with high quality standards. The curriculum is based on the development of the sciences and practices related to government and professional regulation, economics and information technology. This is to assist students to become highly competence accountants.

In order to provide students with deeper understanding in the accounting specialization, the Accounting Study Program offers four program concentrations that can be taken by students.

a. Program concentration in: Taxation

This program concentration is provided for students who want to deepen not only their knowledge of concepts and techniques of accounting as their core competence but also all aspects of taxation as their specialized competence. The students will learn about the concepts of taxation, basic tax law, procedures of income tax calculation, value added tax, tax for luxurious goods, tax accounting, and tax management. Moreover, to complete their understanding, they are also encouraged to take tax licenses/certificates of Tax Brevet A, B, and C.

b. Program concentration in: Auditing

This program concentration is provided for students who want to expand their understanding of concepts, principles, techniques, and methods of auditing. For this, they will learn about all aspects of auditing including types and techniques of auditing, computer-assisted audit technique and fraud auditing. Therefore, after graduating, they will have a broad sense of auditing and be able to work as an auditor – either as an internal auditor working for a company, or as an external auditor working for a public accountant firm. In the future, the students can have professional certification in auditing such as Indonesia CPA (Certified Public Accountant) for external auditor and CIA (Certified Internal Auditor) for international internal auditor certification or QIA (Qualified Internal Auditor) – for local internal auditor certification and Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)

c. Program concentration in: Managerial Accounting

This program concentration is designed for students who want to learn more about how to design an accounting system in either traditional or computerized format. Therefore, the students will learn about the processes and methods of designing traditional accounting information system and computerized accounting information system. To achieve these, the students will learn about the concepts and principles of accounting as well as computer related design systems, such as analysis and designing information systems, data base systems and data communications.