Ignatius Edward Riantono, S.E., M.Ak., CCFA, Cert.DA, CPHCM, Cert.BV.
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Ignatius Edward Riantono, S.E., M.Ak., CCFA, Cert.DA, CPHCM, Cert.BV.

Ignatius Edward Riantono, S.E., M.Ak., CCFA., Cert.DA., CHCM., CPHCM., CHCBP., Cert.BV.

Faculty Member of Accounting Study Program Subject Content Coordinator – Information System and Accounting Software


Bina Nusantara University Faculty of Economics and Communication Department of Accounting and Finance Jl. K.H. Syahdan No.9, Palmerah Jakarta 11480, Indonesia Work Phone: +62 21 5345830 ext. 2346 Work Email: iriantono@binus.edu / iriantono@binus.ac.id


Ignatius Edward Riantono (Edward) completed his undergraduate program at the Department of Accounting, Faculty of Economics, University of Surabaya (UBAYA) in 2008 with a concentration in Accounting Information Systems, and completed the Master in Accounting (MAKSI) Postgraduate program at the Faculty of Economics, Tarumanagara University (UNTAR) and completed CCFA degree (Certified Corporate Forensic Auditor) from PPM Management and BNSP (Badan Nasional Sertifikasi Profesi) and Cert.DA (Certificate in Data Analytics) from ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants). Since March 2021, CPHCM (Certified Professional Human Capital Management) from BINZANI and Certificate in Business Valuations (Cert.BV) from ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants). He has continued his Doctoral study in the Doctoral of Research in Management Program (DRM), Binus Business School – Binus University with research areas: Big Data and UTAUT Model Implementation in Small Medium Enterprise’s (SME’s).

Teaching (Applied Subject):

  • Accounting Principles
  • Operational Management
  • Accounting Information System and Internal Control
  • Management Audit
  • Internal Audit
  • Financial Audit 1
  • Financial Audit 2
  • Method and Practice of Computerized Audit (ACL Software)
  • Management Control System
  • Ethics and Corporate Governance
  • Method and Practice in Cost Accounting

Community Development/Community Services:

  • MYOB Software Training at SMK 1 Bekasi, 2013
  • MYOB training at Anugerah Foundation, 2014
  • Basic accounting training for high school level, 2015
  • MYOB Training for Bekasi High School Teachers, 2016
  • Accurate accounting software training version 4, 2017
  • Purchasing management system for MSMEs, 2018
  • Islamic Boarding School Accounting, 2018
  • Personal Financial Management: Managing Finances, 2018
  • WORD 2013 for UMKM, 2019
  • Financial Administration Training and Application of the Principles of Good Organization Governance (GOG), 2019
  • Financial Literacy, 2019
  • Big Data to improve Indonesian MSMEs, 2020
  • Purchasing and Vendor Evaluation Systems (General Systems and Approaches to Online Game Vouchers), 2020
  • Introduction to Accounting Information System, 2020
  • Accounting System for UMKM (Department of Cooperatives and UMKM Kota Tangerang)

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