Evi Steelyana S.E., Ak., M.M., CA., CertIPSAS, Cert.DA.
Faculty Member [D2606]
Evi Steelyana S.E., Ak., M.M., CA., CertIPSAS, Cert.DA.

She is a professional with more than 20 years of experience in various sectors, both in the financial and banking sector as well as in the real sector, both in global and local companies. She began her career at Siemens Indonesia as Management Trainee  in 1995 and continued her career development in Banking Industry at Standard Chartered Bank, her professional  skill in Finance and Accounting was sharply managed as Finance Controller at Coal Mining Industry. In 2015, she was appointed as Head of Indonesia for Education in a global organisation:  ACCA (Association Certified Chartered Accountant) which was a UK based organisation.

Starting at the end of 2017, she is broadening her view as PPP Advisor (Public Private Partnership) which is more closely related with Public Sector Accounting and Public Finance Management. She is becoming a PPP Expert and contributes her advice as the advisor for International Development Banks such as: World Bank (WB) and Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). As PPP Expert, she has been involved in several Infrastructure Development Priority Project in various sectors:

  1. Palapa Ring Project (Telecommunication)
  2. KSPN Danau Toba and Railway Cibungur - Tanjung Rasa
  3. Bandung-Cirebon (Transportation)
  4. Cisaranten Public Housing (Housing)
  5. Piyungan Yogyakarta-Waste Management (Solid Waste Management)
  6. Mandalika MotoGp Infrastructure (Urban Tourism).

She graduated from Universitas Padjadjaran, Bandung as Bachelor of Accounting and obtained a Master's degree from the Universitas Indonesia in Finance and Banking. She is currently a Doctoral Candidate in the Doctoral Program in Accounting, Padjadjaran University - Bandung, with Governance and PPP (Public Private Partnership) as her main theme in her research.

She has been serving as Lecturer and Researcher at BINUS University since 2002 with concentration in Financial Accounting, Accounting Management and Financial Modelling, her research have been published in several international publications (Scopus Index) and she remains active for presenting her research in international academic conferences. Her field research focus are Public Finance, Public Sector Accounting, Governance, Public Private Partnership.

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