Graduate Competency

Student Outcomes

After completing the study, graduates are:
  1. Able to prepare financial reports for business entities based on current Global Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GGAAP);
  2. Able to prepare management reports based on accounting knowledge to support planning, controlling, and decision-making;
  3. Able to analyze financial statements, management reports, business and control risks and give recommendation to improve effectiveness of entities’ financial performance;
  4. Able to organize audit field work in accordance to Global Generally Accepted Auditing Standard (GGAAS);
  5. Able to analyze and give recommendations to improve the effectiveness of accounting information system;
  6. Able to develop various solutions to solve tax problems based on tax regulations;
  7. Able to perform various type of auditing which include financial statement and management audit under relevant standards and give recommendation and opinions based on audit findings;
  8. Able to recommend and advise clients on the issues of taxation corresponding tax laws;
  9. Able to conduct sustainability report on a wide range of practical issues of sustainability accounting and managerial accounting.