BINUS UNIVERSITY-SCHOOL OF ACCOUNTING, Accounting study Program is accredited with grade “UNGGUL” by the National Accreditation Board.  Accounting Study Program has been designed with future in mind, and it has won the support of the profession and potential employers. The Accounting Study Program provides a board variety of courses in accounting discipline. It has concentrations that are aligned with professional accounting certification, namely, Auditing and Assurance, Fiscal Management, Business & Corporate Sustainability and Accounting Data Analytics. Those concentrations are linked with national and international certification bodies such as IAI Global, IAPI, BKP, CIMA, ICAEW, CPA Australia and ACCA. The Accounting Study Program has strong collaboration with National and International Professional Accounting Body and also enjoys widespread support from major employers, such as the Big 4 accounting firms. The unique characteristic programs we offering in our new curriculum based on technology and digitalisation to make accounting program stay abreast with the latest development in business technology. Our state-of-the-art curriculum provides you with technical expertise in the accounting field and develops your critical thinking, team-building, communication, and data (financial/non-financial) analysis and information technology skills.   Catalog 2016/ B2020 (PDF)Catalog 2017/ B2021 (PDF), Catalog 2018/ B2022 (PDF), Catalog 2019/ B2023 (PDF), Catalog 2020/ B2024 (PDF), Catalog 2021/ B2025 (PDF), Catalog 2022/ B2026 (PDF), Catalog 2023/ B2027 (PDF)