TCV Team

1. The establishment of tax center
2. The more  reform in the tax field
3. The field of taxation as one of the career aspirations of accounting students
4. The more need for non-academic activities as a complement to the learning process
What is a tax center volunteer
A volunteer who served as assistant head in charge of tax :
1. Serving customers (faculty, staff and students) Binusian who want to consult about the

2. Serving the tax consumers who need the tax database
3. Assist administration and training of tax administration
4. Helping tax center activities such as: Brevet, workshops, seminars etc.

What are the mechanisms
1.TCV will be in charge of 8-10 hours per week, at the Tax Center Binus University
2. Assignment 5 shifts per day from Monday to Friday
3. SIT-IN Class Brevet  during the license period lasts
4. Get a special discount event
5. Get certificate of apreciation
6. Get activity points for student transcripts
7. Increasing  taxation knowledge

1.Student  single or double majoring in accounting from any specialization
2.GPA 2.75
3.Have  high commitment and good communication skill

4. Have other skills