1. to advance learning environment and performance by (a) developing lecturer’s research and teaching skills essential to success in an academic career (b) encouraging scholarship in the pursuit of academic excellence and to recognise and reward outstanding achievement.
  2.  to prepare students with solid technical skill and conceptual knowledge of accounting and finance
  3. to prepare students with organizational and business knowledge to succeed in accounting & finance industries career
  4. to equip students with information technology knowledge and competences to assist them working in the accounting and finance industries with information and technology environment
  5. to build research capability of the department by (1) giving high priority to the development of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) research interest; (2) producing and disseminating useful and timely research; (3) identifying and nurturing new or emerging areas of research.
  6.  to provide relevant continuing business accounting education and professional outreach activities that meet the needs of alumni, employers, and other constituents.