Dean of Faculty of Economics and Communication : Gatot Soepriyanto, S. E., Ak., M.Buss (Acc)., Ph.D
Head of Departement  : Ang Swat Lin Lindawati, S.E., M.Com (Hons)., Ph.D., CSRS., CSRA., CMA.
Deputy Head of Department – Accounting : Yen Sun, S.E..,Ak.M.Buss(Fin)
Head of Accounting Laboratory : Maya Safira Dewi,SE.,Ak.,M.Si,CA
 Coordinator Accounting Laboratory Lusianah, S.E. (Kemanggisan)

Theresia Lesmana, S.E. (Kemanggisan)

Kevin Deniswara, S.E. (Alam Sutera)

Head of Research Interest Group (RIG) – Corporate Governance :
   a. Research Coordinator : Mohamad Heykal, S.E., M.Si.
Subject Content Coordinator  Auditing and Assurance : Rindang Widuri, S.Kom., M.M., Ph.D
   a. Subject Content Specialist  Ethics and Corp. Goveranace : TBH
   b.Subject Content Specialist  Financial Auditing : Bambang Leo Handoko, S.E.,M.M.,M.Si
Subject Content Coordinator  Financial and Management. Acc : Nuraini Sari, S.E., M.Acc.
   a.Subject Content Specialist  Financial Accounting :  TBH
   b. Subject Content Specialist  Managerial Accounting : TBH
Subject Content Coordinator  Taxation : Maya Safira Dewi, S.E.., Ak., M.Si.
   a. Subject Content Specialist Principles of Business Taxation : TBH
Subject Content Coordinator  Information System : Aries Wicaksono, S.Kom. M.Ak.
   a. Subject Content Specialist Accounting Software :  TBH
   b. Subject Content Specialist Database System : TBH
Subject Content Coordinator Corporate Finance : Kartika Dewi, S.E., Ak., MBA.
   a. Subject Content Specialist  Corporate Finance : TBH
Subject Content Coordinator Investment Management : TBH
   a.Subject Content Specialist Financial Management : TBH
Lecture Specialist S3
Lecture Specialist S2 : Sasya Sabrina, S.E., M.M
Lecture Specialist S2 : Setiani Putri Hendratno, S.E., M.Ak.