On December 13, 2023, Ms. Cheryl from Tunku Abdul Rahman University – Management and Technology (TAR UMT) visited Pasar Modern BSD City along with the students from Binus University. Pasar Modern BSD City is a traditional – public market which transformed into digital market and became the pilot project of the implementation of digital in the traditional market. They also achieved so many recognitions from government, including from the Mayor of South Tangerang.

With the visitation, we hope it can make another perspective about the public market  and also can help the SMEs in the Pasar Modern BSD City. Along with that, we hope there will be a research in the future about sustainable market which developed by digital and ESG, so the SMEs can reach the sustainability. Sustainability of SMEs became important since the SMEs are part of the support system for the nation.

The next challenge also about the young generation who seldom go to public market. The gap between the intention to go to public market and the facilities in public market become things that really interesting to be researched.