Students from Thailand and Malaysia were joining Binus along with Indonesian students in Managerial Accounting Course in 2022 – 2023. Because of the course is part of Delivery in English (DinE) Course, all the students can do well in their assignments, mid term exam, and final term exam. The inbound students also elaborate with many Indonesian students and can do well in their learning activities in Binus University – Kemanggisan, in Anggrek and Kijang Campus. They spent their study one semester in Binus University.

They can using Binusmaya like other students of Binus University and also they can look at their scores through Binusmaya, so they no need to go back to Binus just to know about their scores. They were enjoy to be part of Binus along with the Binusian 2025. The students were keeping the COVID Pandemic Protocol with using the WiFi attendance and also wearing mask when they were in the class. They went back to their counties in February 2023.