Smart branding is an innovation in marketing the region so that it can increase regional competitiveness by carrying out three elements, namely tourism, business and the face of the city. Smart Branding is one of the dimensions in Smart City.

Smart Economy is a smart economic governance, which is intended to create an economic ecosystem in the regions that is able to meet the challenges in the disruptive information age and demands a rapid level of adaptation as it is today.

The dimensions of smart branding are as follows: (1) building and marketing the tourism ecosystem; (2) building platforms and marketing regional business ecosystems; (3) build and market the face of the city.  Examples of smart branding applications such as the KER (Diskominfo) application, Mbois festival and so on.

For example, the Smart Branding development initiative  is carried out on several indicators as follows:

  • Tourism branding
  • Business branding
  • City appearance branding

The application of smart city area imaging (Smart Branding) includes the following :

  • Creating a facial identity  that highlights architectural values that reflect regional values.
  • Build and develop city storefronts on the city center and each sub-city center.
  • Creating an identity of human resources that is superior, creative, entrepreneurial in spirit, and loves the environment.
  • Creating a business identity by creating a conducive business climate for business people to advance the regional economy in the field of trade, increase regional investment, and encourage the growth of the creative industry.
  • Creating a tourism identity by advancing the tourism potential of the region both in terms of location and tourist destinations, a comfortable atmosphere and environment, as well as improving the culture of hospitality, serving, and entertaining.
  • Organizing socialization and promotion activities on an ongoing basis by utilizing the internet and social media, and
  • Strengthening local government cooperation with print and electronic media.


Image Sources: Google Images