The increasing average performance in the integration showed that these companies are trying to increase the capacity and ability of the employees’ performance on every side toward sustainability. The performance will generally increase mainly because:

  1. The increasing awareness and knowledge about the concept and philosophy of sustainability and the governance coming from the Boards of Directors and Commissioners;
  2. The awareness and knowledge as the fundamental program which needs to be applied and avowed as the company’s performance;
  3. The new initiatives that are suitable for the company’s culture so that they can be appropriately applied and become the company’s characteristic;
  4. Technology is used by the employees. An efficient company will certainly require its employees to be highly competent. It needs a network of information and modern technology.

Overall, the lowest performance is shown by educational institutions and transportation companies because they use fewer vehicles with unleaded fuel, do not use 3Rs materials, and undertake fewer actions to prevent pollution and waste. They do not contribute much to the ecosystem recovery as well. Only educational institutions do focus on the main activity: learning and researching. On the other hand, the critical fact in this integration is the initiation from the top management of the telecommunication company to determine regulations for protecting the environment by preventing the ecosystem, such as the green ecosystem. This strategy can be applied in every branch office and some strategic locations in the town center. Another way is using unleaded fuel for each company’s vehicle even though the company’s operation has indirectly affected the environment with its pollution (Perdana and Gunawan, 2014).


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