Following the success of last year’s Aspiring Professional Accountants Festival (APAFest) IAI will be hosting the APAFest 2018 at the Main Hall of Bursa Efek Indonesia, Jakarta, on April 19, 2018. This national event will serve as a platform of interaction between prominent companies and institutions with the latest batch of accounting and finance talents in Indonesia.

IAI as the recognized professional accountancy organization in Indonesia conducts the APAFest as a festival of creativity for young accountants in the country. Through interactions with potential employers and other stakeholders, IAI seeks to establish strong and mutually benefitting connections between the profession, industry, and the best accountancy graduates from prominent universities in Indonesia.

IAI APAFest consists of career & recruitment fair, seminars on the latest development of the profession, aspiring sessions with prominent Professional Accountants, and the APA Championship (APAChamp). APAChamp is the Institute’s flagship national business competition, aiming to identify the best candidates for future Professional Accountants in Indonesia.

The APAFest 2018 will be attended by recipients of the Chartered Accountant (CA) Indonesia scholarships, holders of CA, CPSAK, USAS and USAAP certificates, APAChamp finalists, representatives of the IAI Affiliated Campus, and the best students from selected universities with a minimum GPA of 3,25, exclusively invited by IAI to participate in the event. Some of the prominent companies who will be opening their recruitment in the event are PT Astra Internasional Tbk., PT BCA Tbk., PT Bursa Efek Indonesia, EY Indonesia, KPMG, PT Bank Permata Tbk., PwC, and Bank CIMB Niaga Tbk.

This event is also supported by the ASEAN Federation of Accountants (AFA), as the umbrella organization for the accountancy profession of ASEAN. AFA supports IAI initiative to develop the accountancy profession in Indonesia, and further contribute to the collective quality of the profession in the region.

Priority for APAChamp Finalists

IAI APAFest will provide an opportunity for prominent employers to access and identify a select accountancy talents from all around Indonesia. These next generation of Professional Accountants will be given the opportunity and priority to prove themselves and secure their employment in advance and build the foundation for their future professional career. This mutually benefitting relationship will also benefits the profession, through improvement in competence and capability of future Professional Accountants in practice.

Prof Mardiasmo as the President of the IAI National Council highlighted the importance for IAI to ensure the success of this event, as an integral part of IAI’s core competencies as the professional body for the profession. As outlined by IAI founding fathers, one of the Institute’s objective is to guide the accountancy education and enhance the quality of accounting education in Indonesia. IAI is responsible in developing the accountancy, business, public knowledge and practice, orienting to ethics and social responsibility under a national and international perspective.

Prominent national Professional Accountants expected to participate in the event in addition to Prof Mardiasmo are Ignasius Jonan (Member, IAI Advisory Council/Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources), Prof Mohamad Nasir (Member, IAI Advisory Council/Minister of Research, Technology, and Higher Education), Ardan Adiperdana (Member, IAI National Council/Chairman, BPKP), practitioners of the Indonesian Stock Exchange startup incubator, and practitioners from prominent companies in the country.

Aspiring Professional Accountants

Aspiring Professional Accountants is a term used by the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) to define future professional accountants who undergone professional education and development process, to build professional competence to become Professional Accountants. Quality and also quantity of the Aspiring Professional Accountants serve as the central foundation in defining the future of the profession, one that will contribute to the betterment of national and global economy.

Elly Zarni Husin, Executive Director of IAI dedicates APAFest, an annual agenda of the Institute, to the founding fathers of IAI who have given the mandate to enhance the quality of accountants in Indonesia as one objectives of the Institute 61 years ago.

APAFest was first held in 2017, as part of a series of events celebrating IAI’s 60th anniversary. The first event was attended by more than 1,200 participants and 29 exhibitors. This year IAI is expecting bigger attendance, supplemented by the eight APAChamp finalists that have gone through preliminary selection process conducted in 8 major cities throughout Indonesia.

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