To increase research atmosphere, Accounting and Finance Department has launched an initiative, called Research mini-workshop series. This activity will be held periodically to share knowledge and experience in academic research, especially in Accounting, Finance and Taxation.

   The first mini-workshop is held on the 10th of October 2018 in H2 room, Syahdan Campus. Attended by nine faculty members, the workshop started at 12 pm. Ibu ASL Lindawati, S.E., M.Com. (Hons)., Ph.D., CSRS., CSRA., CMA, as a speaker, discussed about the basic of qualitative research.

   First, Ibu Linda explained the difference about qualitative and quantitative approach in research and how those method can be used to address research questions. It followed by the discussion focusing more about qualitative research, what kind of topics can be handled by qualitative approach, steps required to do good and complete qualitative research, and tips and tricks to do the interview. Last, Ibu Linda share her paper as an example of qualitative research.

   The mini-workshop ended at about 2 pm. Some of the audience said that the mini-workshop was interesting and should be continuously done in the future to keep the spirit of research among faculty members. Let’s wait for other topic in the next Research Workshop series in Accounting and Finance Department.