author : Meyriani

Business process and management support are factors which can improve the quality of information systems. Information systems used as a tool to help the company’s daily operations and management in decision making. Integration of the system is indicated by the harmony in the system so as to achieve user satisfaction. Thus, to improve the quality of information systems required business processes, management support that will improve the quality of information systems. This research was conducted at 61 for companies in the State-Owned Enterprises. This study uses an explanatory cross-sectional survey, and testing the data used by Structural Equation Model (SEM) approach to analysis tools Partial Least Square (PLS).The results found in companies in the business processes and management support affecting the information system. © 2005 – ongoing JATIT & LLS.

Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information TechnologyOpen AccessVolume 96, Issue 7, 15 March 2018, Pages 1858-1867


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