Vice Minister of Finance Mardiasmo gave speech in national seminar on accounting entitled “Pillar of Accountants’ Competences in Architecture of Indonesian Accountant Profession” in Djuanda Hall Ministry of Finance, Jakarta on Monday (23/5)
Reviewing Indonesian Accounting Architecture, MoF Held National Seminar on Accounting

Jakarta, 23/05/2016 MoF – Ministry of Finance through Finance Professions Supervisory Centre (PPPK) held accounting national seminar entitled “Pillar of Accountants’ Competences in Architecture of Indonesian Accountant Profession” on Monday (23/5) at the Djuanda Hall, Ministry of Finance, Jakarta.

In the opening remarks, Secretary General Hadiyanto states that this seminar is a series of stages to review the architecture of accountant profession in Indonesia. As known, as the supervisor of accountant profession in Indonesia, Ministry of Finance is currently encouraging the creation of accountant profession architecture, which is the basic framework of the accountant development.

“Ministry of Finance, as the supervisor of this profession, encourages the establishment of Indonesia’s accountant profession architecture. This architecture is the basic framework for the development of accountant profession in Indonesia,” he says.

Nevertheless, he continues, in the creation of this architecture, Ministry of Finance needs to cooperate with several parties, including universities as the “creator” of accountants, profession associations, services users, and practitioners. “Ministry of Finance cannot work by itself, we need to cooperate with several parties. We are optimistic that by having reconciliation, coordination, synergy with universities, profession associations, practitioners, services users and regulators, Indonesian accountant profession architecture can be created immediately,” he adds.

Meanwhile, in his speech, Vice Minister of Finance Mardiasmo assesses that the theme of this event is in line with the government’s vision to develop accounting and accountant profession itself. “The government welcomes this seminar. The topic to be discussed is important to provide comprehensive understanding for the development of accounting and accountant profession itself,” he explains.

He further states that accounting both in Indonesia and in the world develops rapidly, so it requires clear architecture of the accountant profession. Furthermore, ASEAN Economic Community and International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) are implemented. “The development is so fast that it requires architecture and competences. Accounting has gone global, coupled with MEA, IFRS, G20, so accounting has become the global language, the science has been global, so accountant profession should be developed seriously,” he adds. (nv)

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