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Hi! I am Nancy Eunike, 6st semester and majoring in Accounting. Last semester at S P Jain School of Global Management would certainly qualify as one of the best times in my life. It has been amazing to meet and study with people from all around the world. Sydney is truly a multicultural city in Australia. It can be a challenge but it is so rewarding! Going on exchange gave me so much more than just an awesome experience. It sparked a fire in me and changed the way I view the world, especially my role in it.nancy 5

The 5 months that I spent studying abroad in Sydney filled with amazing coastlines, otherworldly wildlife and scenery, and friendliest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Studying abroad opened my mind of having more knowledge, my eyes to entirely new ways of life, and helped me to realize that grander possibilities exist in this world, so long as I dare to explore beyond my front door. I learned a different language, I learned other traditions, and cultures. I learned to accept, to be respected, to be responsible, and to be careful. I learned to be friendly, and to be polite. Most of all, I learn how to live.nancy 1

However, things you should aware are about time management, also new culture and people adjustment. It is important for students to have a global outlook, the education by having a chance to select courses, programs and academic learning of a sort not possible on the home campus. That is why I highly suggest you not to lose this great opportunity. Take the leap and watch as you grow into a more confident, experienced, outgoing, fearless, independent and enlightened person by taking a part of this exchange program. And again, huge thanks to Bina Nusantara for giving me this great opportunity.

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