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I went for a student exchange program at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) through ASEAN International Mobility Student (AIMS) Scholarship from Direktorat Jenderal Pendidikan Tinggi Indonesia. Studying abroad is one of my dream. Thanks to God for giving me this opportunity. It was very amazing experience. I got a lot of experiences both in academic and non-academic terms. I joined many activities there such as International Culture Week, Indonesia Cultural Night, Coffee Hour Day and many more. I visited many places in Malaysia especially in Penang. I could practice to speak English everyday because all of my courses was delivered in English and I have friends from many countries. Here I have friends from different parts of the world such as Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Austria, Germany, Japan, Morocco and other countries.

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At Universiti Sains Malaysia I took five courses. Five courses are Advanced Auditing, International Finance, Analysis of Financial Statements, Strategic Management, and Advanced Financial Reporting. I was taught by lecturers who are very good in teaching and have a lot of experience in their fields. They are able to teach the course materials well with the ability to speak English easily understood. I also got a lot of friends in each class. They are very open and willing to help me to adapt to the learning process there. They also invited me to join their group if there was a group task in the class. They made me feel comfortable. I developed my ability about accounting, I got many knowledge about accounting, and I studied accounting together with international friends.

The hardest thing to do is leaving your comfort zone. But you have to let go the life you are familiar with and take the risk to live the life your dream about. Studying abroad is one of the best thing that you can do in your life. You can get international education, international experience, international friends, and you can build network in other countries. It would be useful for your education and your future. It would be unforgettable and priceless experience. Not everyone can have this experience. I challenge you to take this opportunity.

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