Jessica Adimuljono ; Accounting (Binusian 2015) ; Universiti Sains Malaysia (Sept 2013- Jan 2014)

Jessica Adimuljono ; Accounting (Binusian 2015)

It is such an honor and a life-changing experience to be elected as a student exchange participant to Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) from Binus University and obtained a full scholarship from Indonesian government.  I never thought that I would be able to obtain such a huge opportunity but this student exchange program has truly assisted me to enlarge my world and enrich my insights. I experienced a lot of new things throughout my exchange period, such as got acquaintance with fellow indonesian students from many different cities who are very helpful and caring to each other, having new friends from all around the world, gaining self-confidence to talk in foreign language, travelling around Malaysia, visiting tourism destinations, trying their local and traditional foods, becoming Indonesia’s representative on cultural day, learning to solve problem by myself since I lived away from my families, and experiencing a world class education because USM is number one government university in Malaysia. I was struggling alot when the first time I arrived there, but I met so many people who were helping me and at the end all the hard works were paid off. We also had a closing event which is called Gala Night, we were obtaining our certificate as a symbol of graduation from USM. I am forever grateful for this life-changing opportunity, because of this opportunity I could be able to see the world from a whole new different perspective, dream bigger and eager to achieve more, I’d also like to thank God, Binus University and Binus IO for choosing me, and Indonesian Government for providing financial support that allowing me to experience study abroad and becoming a better person.