To be a leading and innovative accounting department in a globalized world that produce professional accountant with holistic business and information technology (IT) knowledge in closely cooperation with business and accounting industries


  1. Recognizing, nurturing and rewarding the most creative and value- adding accounting educators and students
  2. Educating  students with fundamental skill, knowledge and practice of accounting and finance, by providing high quality educational program which collaborated with  business and accounting industries in order to prepare them to be a professional accountant in various industries and prepare them for pursuing for advanced degree in accounting and finance or related disciplines
  3. Creating global leaders who distinguish themselves as professional accountant with holistic business and IT knowledge in their work organization and communities
  4. Contributing to the improvement in accounting body of knowledge and practice in Indonesia and international communities
  5. Conducting professional service and career development in accounting and finance related area with an emphasis of application of knowledge and quality of life to the society